Here I go again…

Here we are, a couple months later.

We are now in the throws of a so called Super El Nino. The images below will hopefully help explain it…

ENSO ano

These are the latest satellite images showing the spread of warm water on the Eastern side of the Pacific. At this time of the year, that means a hyperactive Eastern Pacific Hurricane season, and a depressed Atlantic Hurricane season. It also means Hot and Dry conditions for the entire Western North America. These particular images shows the increase in elevation the warmer water has. In other words, there is so much warm water piling up along the West Coasts of North and South America that the sea level actually rises a bit. But in the area just North of Australia, ocean water level has actually dropped. Of course, we are not talking a lot here, just a couple inches.

Not Quite

This is an image of how a typical El Nino Winter would look like. However, since this is a ‘Super’ El Nino, instead of just California getting slammed by wet weather, it SHOULD be the entire West Coast. Reason why I mentioned SHOULD, is when we have a ‘Super’ El Nino, the Pacific Northwest normally gets slammed just as hard by winter. Normally, NOT always!

Now, the past few months have been kind of quiet on the volcanic front. Quiet that is, with the exception of Colima volcano.


Above is an image of Colima Volcano, with the lights of Colima the town, behind  and below it. Image courtesy of Volcano Discovery.

And in Earthquake news, a news story in the New Yorker, has highlighted the threat of a so called Cascadia Subduction Zone Mega Thrust earthquake here in the Pacific Northwest, affecting California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. It is supposed to be as big as a 9.2 quake. As big, or even bigger, then the big one in Japan, the 2011 Tohoku Mega Thrust. You can read the original story here… The New Yorker

Since then, there have been a whole slew of quake stories. Some well written, some not. Here are some of the better ones…

Everything West of I-5 will be destroyed

Could a Catastrophic Earthquake really destroy Seattle?

Unlocking the Cascadia Subduction Zone’s Secrets.

Breaking down the Mega Earthquake threat.

Ask us anything about The Really Big One coming for the Pacific Northwest. A Question and  Answer board

So, at least for a while, you are now up to date.

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