Over the last few years, I have started getting more interested in Public Transit. More particularly, Heavy and Light Rail. This page has a hodgepodge of generic transit, rail & light rail links. They are from multiple regions and countries. It’s always interesting to see how other people look at, and do, things.

Human Transit – A blog by a public transit planner and consultant. (Asia, Australia, New Zealand, & North America)

Rail Road Forums – The name says it all. (Primarily North America, but also Worldwide)

Re-Connecting America – ‘Center for Transit-Oriented development.’ (US)

Re-inventing Transport – ‘Making urban transit more of the answer, and less of the problem.’ (Primarily Asia, but also Worldwide)

Seattle Transit Blog – No explanation needed. (US)*

The Streets Blog – ‘The national blog network for sustainable transport, smart growth, and livable streets.’ (US)

The Overhead Wire – All about light rail, it also has some heavy rail.(Primarily North America, but also Worldwide)

The Transport Textbook – Transit News from ‘Down under’ (Australia & New Zealand)

The Transport Politic – Transit News (Primarily North America, but also Worldwide)

The Transit Pass – ‘A blog about transportation infrastructure.’ (US)

* I normally wouldn’t have a link to a single city. BUT, this blog is very active, and covers a wide range of subjects, including local and regional light and heavy rail.


Here is a video that has a lot of transit in it… sung by none other then Judy Garland

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