Hello All!

What the difference a few months makes! After a few one or two day temp jobs, suddenly I am working as a temp FULL TIME! And probably will until February at the earliest. YES!!!
It is such a relief to have a job!

Now, onto some items of interest… 🙂
There has been an ongoing volcanic eruption in Iceland, which is so gassy, that if it continues, may, and I do mean MAY, mean a cooler summer, next summer. Lots of C02. So I have been watching it with interest. The Hawaii volcano is still going full bore, and several of the South Pacific island volcanoes have had healthy eruptions, some of which were caught on video. And the tiny island of Nishinoshima well off the coast of Japan was expanded to merely a small Island The new addition is about 600 acres. That eruption is still in progress as well.
Closer to home, scientist from all over the world, flocked to Mt. St. Helens for the start of a 4 year long major experiment, to see what lies below the volcano. The effort included lots of temporary seismographs and some new GPS sites.
I also read a book, Stick-Slip by Christopher Sholz, and tells the story of a scientist that discovers the signs that the next Cascadia Subduction Zone (off the coast of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Northern California) Earthquake is imminent. Story goes from initial discovery, publish, lots more study, challenge, followers on Twitter, and then… the quake itself. The book ends about 2 years after the quake. Very well written. But scary as well. 😦

Anyway, for now anyway, you’re up to date!

A picture of the ongoing eruption in Iceland, click on the image, to expand…


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