Major volcanoes from the Pacific Northwest Cascades Range, From North to South:

British Colombia, Canada…

Washington State…

    Seismology:                                                Volcanology:

  • Mt. Baker                                                                                      Mt. Baker
  • Glacier Peak                                                                                  Glacier Peak
  • Mt. Rainier                                                                                    Mt. Rainier
  • Mt. St. Helens                                                                                Mt. St. Helens
  • Mt. Adams                                                                                     Mt. Adams

Oregon State…

  • Mt. Hood                                                                                      Mt. Hood
  • Mt. Jefferson                                                                                Mt. Jefferson
  • Three Sisters                                                                                Three Sisters
  • Newberry                                                                                       Newberry
  • Crater Lake                                                                                   Crater Lake
California State…
  •                                                                                                      Mt. Shasta
  •                                                                                                      Mt. Lassen

North American Volcano Observatories…

Other Volcanoes…

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