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Finally, a new post! Sadly, not much has changed, (see previous notes)  but I felt it was high time for a different front page.

So… There are currently Five volcanoes in the United States that are erupting, or restless… They are Hawaii’s Kilauea, Alaska’s Pavlof, Veniaminof, and Cleveland, and the Northern Marianas Pagan Volcano. All of them are far enough away from civilization, that there currently is no threat to human life, or property. If the Alaskan volcanoes become more active then they are, it might force airplanes to detour around the area, due to ash. Mt Baker in Washington State experienced a minor Lahar, a debris flow , which re-arranged the landscape along the valleys between some foothills near the mountain. No one was even aware it happened until days later, when hikers discovered the massive damage to the forest, and the stream beds.  The lahar is believed to have been caused by a combination of snow melt, and rainfall.

Other then that, there is not much going on. The Mid-West’s Tornado Season was horrible, lots of deaths and carnage. Hurricane season has begun, and we’ll see how that will go for the East Coast.

I will leave it at this…