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Tis the season…

Wow, time flies. Christmas is almost here. The weather is kind of boring around here in the Pacific Northwest, nothing exiting happening except fog, cold nights, and some occasional rain. No real sign of snow in the forecast, at least for the holidays. No volcanic crises currently in progress anywhere in the world. As of this writing, one seismic one, down in New Zealand… again. Isn’t that the second big one they have had this year? Not good!!

I have been observing the process of one of my favorite books, Enders Game, by Orson Scott Card, being made into a movie. Fascinating to watch. It has taken many years before it finally took off. But finally it is in process. It will have a couple big stars in it;  Harrison Ford, and Ben Kingsley. Also some teenagers not so quite well known, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld, Abigail Breslin, Jimmy Pinchak, Aramis Knight, Brendan Meyer, and more. Even though all those teenagers are in there, the book has some very violent situations in it. Because of that,  I suspect the movie, if it stays true to the book, may end up being rated ‘R’ . Another thing I have discovered, much to my chagrin, is that the Author, Orson Scott Card, is considered to be a ‘extreme Homophobe’. Funny that. He doesn’t write that way in Enders Game. I hope that won’t detract from how good this movie could be.

Well, as the title on this post says…Tis the Season. I will leave you with this wonderful version of Silent Night. Tis is the reason for the season, after all. Merry Christmas Everyone!