There and Back again…

Well now… take two.  I had a big post all written up, my browser apparently hiccuped, and I lost the entire post. GGGGRRRRRRR!!

To catch everyone up…

I was called by 3 different temp agencies the beginning of June, and started work over in Hillsboro. (VERY FAR away.) On my 3rd day there, I get a phone call from another temp agency, they had a job for me over in East Vancouver. (MUCH closer.) After begging off out of the Hillsboro job, I started working in East Vancouver. Much better. Once there, I discovered they are absolutely swamped. I have been working over there 6 days a week since then. This weekend is the first 2 day weekend I have had since June.

On the home front, we are now living in an apartment. And I am having a surprisingly hard time adjusting. One of our neighbors appears to be unable to listen to the radio, or watch TV, without a HUGE amount of Bass. Driving us crazy. It has gotten so bad, that I have complained to the apartment management twice. So far anyway, it seems to have worked. The other issue is not no easily fixed. There is an unpleasantly high level of roadnoise here. I am one of those people who needs peace and quiet in order to relax, and sleep. Needless to say, I am not able to relax or sleep very well. Only way to really fix that, is to move. But, of course, we are locked in a one year lease. As an alternative, I have been checking out noise canceling headsets. The only problem there though, good ones (ones that work) are expensive. Funny thing is, Veronica, and my mother in law are not having any issues. Weird. 🙂

Now for something interesting…

The first of ‘The Hobbit’ movies will be out this December. The first one, The Hobbit: An unexpected journey already has movie posters out. The second movie of this trilogy, called ‘The Hobbit: There and Back Again.’ will be out Next December. Time to go adventuring back to Middle Earth. I for one, can’t wait!

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