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Wind Chill Factor

After seeing the news of the winter weather in Wyoming and Colorado, it feels like it’s getting that time for cooler temperatures to start impacting your life outside of shelter. One of the biggest things that affect you is the Wind Chill. In a nutshell, that is how cold it feels on bare skin. If there is no wind, even though it maybe very cold, you may not feel that cold. But, add some wind, or your subjective outdoor temperature drops. That is becuase the wind efficiently removes heat from your skin. The more wind, the faster heat is removed,  the colder it feels. Even though the actual air temperature is not changing, when you add wind to it, the air temperature SEEMS to drop.

When it’s 40 degrees outside, and a 60 miles per hour storm blows through, it feels like it’s 25 degrees, even a 15 miles per hour wind will make it feel like it’s 32 degrees. Amazing! The National Weather Service several years ago came out with a handy dandy chart, to show you exactly how cold you are feeling. Check it out…