Once more into the breach, dear friends!

Well, it has been quite a while since the last note I posted, so here is a new one…

My job with Umpqua Bank has come, and gone. And tomorrow I will be starting with First Technology Federal Credit Union, in their credit department. So I guess it is true what they say… “The economy is getting better.”

Several volcanoes in South America popped their top, as it be. Quite respectable eruptions, one still going on as I write this. The country of Nepal was hit by a MAJOR earthquake, a 7.9. Lots of people dead and wounded. Aftershocks are continuing as I write. New Zealand was also hit by an tremor, but they have much better building codes then Nepal, and people know what to do, so there were no deaths, as far as I know. That fissure eruption in Iceland that I mentioned in my last post, has stopped. Pulled back from the brink, as it be.

Calbuco, Chili

Oh, and one more thing… Spock has left the building, Long live Spock! Shown here with the two other Star Trek characters that have also passed on, Bones and Scotty. May they all Live Long and Prosper… on the other side.