Daylight Savings Time is a waste of time

It’s that time of the year again. Daylight Savings is a public menace. I’ll set my clock back in the fall (I think) and forward in the spring. But I won’t like it. And I won’t like you if you do.
Ben Franklin thought daylight saving time was a good idea!’ People say, ‘it’s for farmers.’

But wait! It doesn’t stop there…

‘Daylight saving time was popular during World War I,’ people say. ‘And we brought it back during World War II’
Do you know what else was popular during World War I? Racism. And I don’t see anyone rushing around demanding we re-institute that.

It would be one thing if people defended this abomination on the grounds that they hated waking up in the dark because it felt like being in a Dickensian workhouse. But they don’t.
And it’s not that I mind leaving work under cover of darkness. It gives me the illusion that I am a dedicated workaholic who ought to be awarded some sort of plaque.
Once I tried neither springing forward nor falling back. It didn’t work very well. Perhaps don’t schedule your wedding during this time.
So sure, fall forward. Or backward. Spring ahead. But don’t try to tell me I have to like it.

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