A couple of worthwhile videos to check out…

In my travels over the Internet, I run into all kinds of good, and bad, videos. I picked two that I felt were worth seeing.

The first one, is called ‘Leave Me’. It is a short video about a man who is grieving for his recently deceased wife. When his father, or his wife’s father, can’t tell which, takes a picture of him, using his wife’s camera. The grieving man discovers he suddenly is in the pictures stored on the camera. After he realizes what is going on, he tells the father, by pointing, to scroll the the next picture. After a few pictures, he finds one where his wife is. He writes on his hand ‘Leave Me’, to tell the father to turn the camera off, and leave him with his wife. Quite sad, but interesting.

This next video is almost opposite of the previous one. It is called’ First Love’. It is the story of an attrative lady who meets an guys she falls for. She’s willing to do anything for him. But… is she able to stop eating baked beans, so she won’t pass gas so much? Nuff said, ROLL EM!

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