Interesting times…

There has been a lot of volcano related  news lately. El Hierro in the Canaries islands is currently experiencing an undersea eruption, and scientists are worried it may make it onto the island. A pair of famous Indonesian volcanoes, Krakatoa is starting a new eruptive cycle, and Tambora has been shaking a bit lately. And rumors are flying about the Icelandic volcano of Katla stirring. And not to mention the ongoing eruptive cycles of the Indonesian Bromo,  Hawaii’s Kilauea, Italy’s Etna and Stromboli, Mexico’s Popocatepetl, Mt Erebus in Antarctica, and many more. OH, and let’s not forget those so-called ‘Super-Volcanoes’ currently slumbering, like Yellowstone in the US, Campi Flegrei in Italy, and God only knows how many others.

So, what does this mean? Does this mean the end of the world is nigh? Frankly, no. Volcanoes erupt all the time, and the only reason why we are hearing about all of this, is because of the Internet, radio, and TV reports allow for a much broader reach of listeners and casual observers.

The reason why I mention all of this, is because I am getting tired of hearing how bad things are, and that the end is approaching rapidly. It’s just Nature / God doing some housekeeping / maintenance. When it’s time to go, you’ll know! Why sweat over it? You can’t change the time anyway, so relax.

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