Good Day! Another day, another dollar. Ehhhh… NOT so much.

I am STILL unemployed! Why I have no idea. I literally pump out 40 resumes a week, and at this point, I adjust ALL of them, so they target the job I am applying for, just like I keep being told to do by Worksource Oregon… and Washington, AND Goodwill Job Connection.

Yet other then an occasional interview, nothing. The interviews are good, but when I am competition with 100’s of other people, my good,never seems to be never good enough! It is EXTREMELY frustrating.

My wife is constantly on my case, and I don’t blame her. It is SOOO frustrating, there are times I go for a walk, just so I can go SCREAM at the top of my lungs at the world. I am extremely frustrated!

So I put it out to the world…. WHAT SHOULD I DO??? WHERE CAN I FIND WORK THAT WILL HIRE ME???





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